Hi there! My name is Amanda and I am a small town girl from south east Iowa. I am a mother of four great kids, fiancé to an amazing guy named Tom, and make a living as a nurse. I enjoy gardening, cooking, homemaking, crafts, blogging, reading, and everything DIY. I am on an adventure with my kids. We learn and discover new things all the time and really love doing crafts together. I strive to be super mom, although I do not always exceed. I love sharing things I have learned to do successfully and will share some things that do not always go so well. I welcome you to my blog and always enjoy comments, ideas, and similar stories. I love twitter parties, blog links, and giveaways.

If I could sum myself up in one sentence it would be... I am a desperate housewife, mother, lover, nurse and above all incredibly in love with life.

I am a coffee drinker. Well more like coffee addict. Hot, cold, brewed, whipped, or stewed I don't care... just give me some! I love a good movie but favor an excellent book. I get lost in bubble baths and imagine I'm in a different life for a whole ten minutes every once and awhile. Oh come on... you know you do it too! I look up to people that stand out in my life and aren't at all the people that just fit into a pattern of normal. I like to raise my children in a way that is fresh and new. Not how my parents did or how society expects me to. I am an individual that loves to find ideas in nonsense. I love the rain. I don't like being in it.. but rather watching it from a tattering window. I do not fit the bill for the perfect mother or wife. I am just me. I am just another human being in this world, who, for some odd reason likes to ramble on the world wide web about it. So that is a little about me. Not everything by any means, but a small portion. If you like it, stick around or feel free to stumble over to another of the millions of blogs out there.

Other projects: What's Growing On Garden Club and Iowa Growing Goods