Hello. Welcome to Juggle Me Mama. This is my own personal blog where, as a woman, I get to write about being just that; a woman. I enjoy writing about products, experiences, and companies that I have personally had some type of involvement with. I also write about my family, being a mother, working as a nurse, and being a homemaker. This could be by using a product, visiting a busy, shopping online, making a purchase, or reviewing products that I am compensated for or given for the purpose of a review. I also blog about my personal life, my kids, cooking, recipes, and my job.

Juggle Me Mama is a brand new blog that I created in October 2013. Although this blog is new, I have been blogging since 2008 and believe in giving an honest opinion on anything I review. I do write reviews, advertise and market, as well just write my honest opinions about a variety of topics.

Why should you pick Juggle Me Mama?
I will give you an honest opinion. It really is that simple. I spend time reviewing each product with detail and completely check it out before I ever post a review for it. I am on multiple social networks including Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Marketing you receive includes a share of every post to my social networks. This means a bigger audience for you.
Services and Rates

Sponsored Tweeting $1 per tweet: I will tweet for you!
Opinion Articles: Is there a topic that you would like me to blog about? I can do that! I have very strong opinions and they are never influenced by compensation. I include links you request, do extensive research and offer sources, and give my view of the said topic. Read a recent opinion article I wrote about Melatonin. Make me an offer!
Sponsored Reviews: Send me your product/s and I will extensively review them. I will then write a blog post about the specifications and my experience with the product. All posts will be shared through all of my social networks. Images and links are added upon request. My posts are a minimum of 300 words. The only compensation I require at this time is for you to provide me with a product to review.
Sponsored WebSite or WebStore Reviews: I will review your website and write a post about it. All posts are a minimum of 300 words. Images, links, and banners are included upon request. Make me an offer for a WebSite Review. I do require a minimum $25 store credit or gift card to your WebStore for a Webstore review. For reviews longer than 500 words I require a $50 credit.
Blog Post Giveaways: I require that you provide myself and a winner/s with your product. That is all the compensation that I require at this time.
Twitter Party Hosting: I love twitter parties! They are one of my favorite things about being a blogger, mom, and tweeter. The only compensation that I require is a $50 store credit, gift card, or payment from your company and prizes of your choosing to be sent to winners. All winners are always random and the amount of prizes and winners are decided by your company. I require that anyone who participates in a twitter party must follow your company in order to be eligible. You may also set guidelines. I am also open to offers and changes to these specs. Contact me... I'm flexible!
Text/Link/Banner/Full Page Ads: Make me an offer! I am very flexible and willing to work with you to help market your company/product/site/brand.

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